Fitness Goals and that Purple Kool-Aid


March 21, 2017 by Ray Yanek



Photo by: Segio Bertolini

I do better when I have goals.  I do even better still when I have a system of accountability.  And I’ve been running a little low on blog post ideas, soooooo…

But seriously, I need goals,  especially when it comes to fitness, and if I share those goals with other people, I usually tend to stick to those goals a little more stringently.  So thanks for listening, and I’d appreciate it if you’d swing back by here every now and again to read my updates on how things are going.  Should you also be the goal setting type, I would happily do the same for you.

Generally my fitness goals in the past have revolved around running this race or that, this distance or this one.  Although I still enjoy running every now and then, I’ve joined the Crossfit cult, drank the Kool-Aid, and workout at a local box 3-4 times a week and then once or twice on my own.  It’s probably the most physically challenging thing I’ve ever attempted and there is such a major sense of accomplishment when I finish these workouts.

Therefore, my first set of fitness goals revolves around Crossfit events.  So Goal #1:

The Festivus Games (sort-of):

“Feats of Strength for the Rest of Us”  In other words, it’s a Crossfit Games competition, except geared towards beginners and intermediate athletes.  

I say that I am going to “sort-of” do this, because the actual date of the games in my area is April 22nd, which is also the weekend my wife and I are going away for our anniversary.  I won’t be able to do it ‘officially’ then, so I’ll do it on my own and I’ll post the results here.  I’m going to push for the intermediate standards which I’ll list below.

Here’s the workout:

Phase 1:  “The Name’s Clean-Max Clean”

Six-minutes to establish a 1-rep max for cleans.  Any clean is acceptable, but I’m going to try to focus on squat cleans.

Phase 2:  “Change the Station–This One Sucks!”

9 minute running clock.  One minute at each station.  Then do it again. Logo


Goblet Squats (53lbs)

Kettlebell Swings (53lbs)

Box Jumps (24 inch)

Phase 3:  Press-and-Pull-and-Tuck and WOD

7 minute running clock

3a- 30 shoulder-to-overhead (probably push presses) (115lbs)

With remaining time:


3 toes-to-bar

3 deadlifts (205)

6 toes-to-bar

6 deadlifts

(continue as long as time allows adding 3 reps each new round.)

Floater WOD:  Rip-Rowin-Good-TIme

For time:  Row 500 meters.

To learn more about the Festivus games click this link.

There is a lot here, that’s for sure.  

Phase 2, I think, will be roughest with the lower body focus, and thus need to be an area of training emphasis.   I can imagine I’ll be shaving a few layers of bone off my shins with the box jumps coming at the end of that series.  

But at the same time, that lower body training will help with Goal #2:  A Hero Workout called


I’ll talk more about Murph Thursday–because even typing the name of that workout scares the shit out of me…

And seriously, if you are setting any goals dealing with fitness, drop me a line here and we can help each other out.  Or if you’re setting writing goals (of which I have many…) I would love to team up.

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5 thoughts on “Fitness Goals and that Purple Kool-Aid

  1. Jsell says:

    Good work, Ray!

  2. ckruger72 says:

    Check into Festivus, I believe in October, partner wods. Did that last year and had a very challenging blast! Also, Murph, is awesome! Intimidating for sure, but awesome!

  3. Just Barbells says:

    Have you done murph yet?

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