“The Lineup” of Creepy Seasonal Reads…


October 13, 2016 by Ray Yanek


“The Hands Resist Him” by Bill Stoneham

Even before all the election rigmarole blared through my news feed, I strongly considered deleting my Facebook account.  It was a serious time-sink and you can only listen to people vent and bitch for so long.  What kept me from pulling the plug on it though, was some of the cool, informative and downright interesting pages Facebook has lead me too over the years.

One such page lead me to a website called The Lineup.  The Lineup is a mix of articles and lists and interesting facts that span mysteries, films, true crime–all that good stuff that makes your bones tingle.  You can find The Lineup here.

lineupBut my favorite section of the page is that which deals with the paranormal.  Yeah, I’m a sucker for that stuff.  

What I look even more forward too is the newsletter the editors send to subscribers.  The newsletter sends you “Five Chilling Mysteries, Twice a Week”.

This week’s feature mystery  was “‘The Hands Resist Him’”: The Chilling Story Behind eBay’s Most Haunted Painting” which tells of the weird circumstances that befall many of the individuals who owned the title painting (which I used above).  A link within that story then, lead to another article that told the story of other, supposedly, haunted paintings.  Whether you believe in that kind of thing or not, they are still interesting and creepy stories, perfect for eerie Halloween nights.

And in the spirit (no pun intended) of spooky reads, The Line-Up also showcased “6 Must-Read Award-Winning Horror Books” which included a book by Joyce Carol Oates, Robert McCammon and many that I was not familiar with.

If you’re a film buff, take a minute and look at the article “14 Vampire Movies that Will Make Your Blood Run Cold.”

So if you are looking for a creepy read, or if you are a fan of true-crime, check out The Lineup.  You won’t be disappointed.



4 thoughts on ““The Lineup” of Creepy Seasonal Reads…

  1. You should have intended the spirit pun 🙂

  2. Akaluv says:

    That picture is creepy…I would never buy it.

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