It’s been one of those weeks. Like a lot of weeks anymore, this one has been packed with conferences, kid’s sports, sick kids, papers to grades, workouts, and stories both written and to write, not to mention the fact that it’s Homecoming week where I work–and my daughter is going to the dance. 

But we won’t talk about that…

Anyway, I had to go out of town today for something I’ll talk more about next week. Lately though I’ve been entranced by the contrasts of colors in the country side and the leaves haven’t even started to change yet. The sun has turned the dry corn stalks into shoots of gold, the skies have been washed in pure blues and swatches of virgin white. The sunsets have been breathtaking. I wish I would have gotten pictures of all that. Today, however, the clouds rolled in, the darker ones spitting rain occasionally, but the shadows produced a whole new pallet of colors. I tried to capture some of the colors I saw today, some of the colors of the early fall season.  I took the photos on my cell phone and in truth they did not do justice- but I hope you’ll get the general idea.

The ominous clouds over the corn.

Looking at this now, the corn stalks sort of remind me of praying mantis. Hmm. Maybe there’s a story there somewhere.

More corn… hey, it’s where I live, and it’s a lot more interesting than the damn beans.

A random pumpkin stand that worked on the honor system. If you wanted a pumpkin, you just left the money in the door.

A lot of colors here, but then later that evening there was this…

I can honestly say that I have never seen a rainbow this stunningly vivid. Actually, and you can see off to the right of the photo, that it was a double rainbow. The bright one though was absolutely a perfect and complete arch. It was amazing. 

Also, if you look carefully near the green and blue ribbons you can kind of see another ribbon of indigo, I think you would call it.  The photos just couldn’t pick it up, though.

I doubt the warehouse is hiding that pot of gold, but this gives a better idea of how bright it was. 

Look at the contrast of colors here– the dark clouds, the golden sun in the green trees, and the spectrum of the rainbow.

So I suppose that’s enough for now. If I get a chance and the clouds clear and if the corn is still up, I’ll try to get some more pictures to compare. It’ll be worth it… I promise.