An Autumn of Returns


October 28, 2015 by Ray Yanek


Normally I lose the blog over the summer months for a variety of reasons, none of which are very good reasons mind you, but reasons none the less.  Actually, I let a lot of things slip over the summer.

Generally though, before the leaves explode into their riot of colors and the fields on IMG_0691the outskirts of town turn that marvelous gold, the urge to post things returns and I come slinking back to Writing the Rails cold and hungry like a tom cat that ranged too far from home.

This year though, I’m late getting back.

In fact, I wasn’t sure if I was going to come back at all, because I wondered if my time wouldn’t be put to better use in other places.  I have essays to grades, kids to coach, my family to take care of, and numerous writing projects to start and complete.  

I’ve also been jogging quite a lot again. My plan has been to run a 10k on November 1st.  While running the other day, I hit that point in the run where all the daily stress slips away, that point where you find a little bit of clarity, and the ideas start to flow.

To my surprise, I started thinking about this blog.

And about how much I missed it and the friends that I had made over the years.

FullSizeRender (1)I’ve been thinking a lot about autumn and Halloween when I run, too.  I think about how the air is getting chilled, how it’s starting to get dark earlier.  It’s that time when I want to hunker down and quit running around.  It’s a time when I want to hibernate maybe, become a hermit in a warm, quiet corner of my home.

It’s also a time of the year that’s been good to me in the past.

In that past, I had tried a thousand times to leave tobacco behind.  My quit times were sporadic–much like my experiences trying to stay consistent with this blog and a few other things.

But on a Halloween three years ago, I finally swore off nicotine.  On that day, maybe the thin air between dimensions allowed some spirit to slip back over and change my mind about how I much I enjoyed a smoke or chew.

I was thinking that I should use that thin time to hope for more convincing spirits to FullSizeRenderslide over and whisper in my ear, because I’ve been thinking that I need, not so much to quit anything this year, but to start and restart some things.

Maybe one of those things will be this blog.

See you soon.

The pics on this blog are of an old barn, constructed in 1882, out in the country near my home.







3 thoughts on “An Autumn of Returns

  1. And October carries d potential of new beginnings, numerology-wise. All d best!

  2. Jogging is a great aid to meditation. Welcome back

  3. Ray Yanek says:

    Thanks, Derrick! It’s great to see you again and hope all has been well!

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