This time of year is always tough–as I’m sure you’ve heard me mention before  But it’s the end of the school year and my seniors are in a rush to graduate and move on.  I have grades to finalize, exams prepare, etc.

On the home front, the travel softball season is in full swing and there are games and practices galore.  A typical Spring.

But there is something that’s making this beginning of the end different.

My daughter is beginning her own version of an end, and it’s one I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to go through.

You see, this week she graduates 8th grade and she’ll be on her way to high school.

I’m not really that worried I guess, because I trust her and her judgment.

Also…she’ll be coming to the same high school where I work where my spy network is large, ubiquitous, and diligent…

Anyway, in honor of my daughter’s graduation I thought I would re-share some of the old posts I wrote and posted about her here.

I’ll start those tomorrow and I hope you’ll come check them out.

Take care.