A Reading and Writing Duo (A clever title….trust me.)


April 17, 2015 by Ray Yanek

A Friday Reads Blog

“The trains roared by like projectiles level on the darkness, fuming and burning, making the valley clang with their passage.  They were gone, and the lights of the towns and villages glittered in silence.”  –D.H. Lawrence

And in that silence, I poured a glass of wine, pulled my chair close to the frosted window, and in the glow of the fire took up a book…

*            *            *

So here’s the deal… I’ve been wanting to do something like this for awhile and I’ve never gotten around to it.  Oddly enough, I remembered the idea yesterday while drafting a post about procrastination.

I never did finish that post about procrastination…

Anyway, I’ve been writing a lot of short stories and flash fiction pieces ala the Ray Bradbury Challenge.  To help with that challenge, I’ve been reading tons of short stories as well.  Also, I’ve started to dip my toes in short story markets, because the logical step after writing a bunch of stories is to try and find them a home.

Fridays Reads then, will be a place for me to share some of the stories I’ve read and also some of the magazines I’ve stumbled across in those far corners of the net.


I want to start this by introducing a website, called Duotrope (that can be found here) that’s become an invaluable tool for finding markets and magazines.  Currently, Duotrope lists 5035 poetry, fiction, and non-fiction markets.  The databases search engines are highly customizable and allows users to search using a variety of fields, such as genre, style, length, payments, etc.

Screenshot 2015-04-17 at 10.36.50 AM

The search screen.

The sight also included a submission tracker and a portfolio where you can save individual searches and markets.

The control panel.

The control panel.

Users are required to create an account and there is a $5 monthly fee.  Along with all the above, Duotrope also interviews the editors at the various magazines so that subscribers cans get a better feel for what the publications want.  Subscribers also receive an e-mail newsletter that lists markets that are closed to submissions, markets that have re-opened to submissions, markets that Duotrope considers defunct, and a list of themed anthologies looking for submissions.

The 'Themed Deadline List" on the Duotrope newsletter.

The ‘Themed Deadline List” on the Duotrope newsletter.

You get a lot.  And if you don’t want to submit anything, you can still use the site to search for magazines to read.

Duotrope does offer a free trial, so go give a spin and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you back next Friday!


2 thoughts on “A Reading and Writing Duo (A clever title….trust me.)

  1. I liked the procrastination joke

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