Free Beer at the End!


March 20, 2015 by Ray Yanek

Things I Learned About Writing through Running Pt. 4:





Thing #4– Event organizers often have free beer waiting for contestants at the finish line.  That’s right.  



You know why many races, especially the longer ones, have beer waiting at the end?  Because running a race is hard damn work.  Training for a race is hard damn work.  And runners deserve a free beer after crossing that finish line.

They deserve to celebrate because, regardless of the finishing time or distance ran, they have accomplished something that not everyone can.  They were dedicated to the process.  They strapped on their shoes and hit that road religiously.  They fought through sore knees and shin splints, blistered feet and sore muscles.

Writing and creating is hard damn work also.  Really hard.   Therefore, when you finish that project–whether it be a short story, poem, or novel you deserve a little treat too. Just like with running when you finish a piece you’ve done something that not everyone has the dedication to do.

You started.  You put the first word down and then you followed that word with another.  You kept showing up to that blank page religiously.  You spent a lot of time in isolation. Your brain hurt, you fought through frustrations, blocks, and self-doubt.

And ou finished.

So go celebrate.  Have a beer or a glass of wine.  Have a piece of pie.  Take a hot bath, Buy yourself something.  Go for dinner.  Something. –with in reason of course. 😉

Anything–within reason of course because remember that you have to get back on the road or back in front of that computer tomorrow.

But do something, because you crossed that finish line and you deserve it.




8 thoughts on “Free Beer at the End!

  1. This reminds me of Chris Brasher in the first London Marathon. He stopped for a pint from a pub near Tower Bridge. During my 3 efforts at that particular race people offered offered beer – I was never tempted until afterwards. 🙂

  2. Good advice.

    Here’s a coincidence: i have a new inspirational thing going on myself. (It’s not public.) I have the same style of quote meme posted over there. It is also by This simple treatment of good quotes appeals to me.

    Mine is Sue Monk Kidd:

    “Ask: What does my character want? For that is the single most important question to ask when writing a novel. I need my main character to want something very badly, and I need to understand completely and utterly what that is. That’s because this thing, or tangle of things, will become the driving force of the book.”

    • Ray Yanek says:

      That is an important quote Renae…oh, and it’s good to hear from you! It’s been awhile. Anyway, I have always struggled with character wants when coming up with story ideas and I think, for me, it has to do with the term ‘want’. I wrote a post about this problem I have with the terminology over here:

      Would love to hear your thoughts !

      • Okay, Sweetie, that link leads me to a Zazzle page for a tee shirt that says, “Running is so Gansta.” Which is awesome, but I don’t think it’s where you meant to send me 😀

        BTW, I left an overly-long response to one of your posts months ago, but I’m not sure you ever saw it, because you didn’t respond. You always respond 🙂 After all this time it’s still bugging me. It was on the post called Favorites From the Archive: “The Fairly Quiet Hour”

        Annnd, as I was scrolling back to find that, I saw the post about character wants you reference above. I’ll go have a look now.

      • Ray Yanek says:

        I can’t believe I posted the wrong link—if you read today’s post about carb loading for writers, maybe that will make sense. I’m not going to link to it though for various reasons that should be obvious…. 🙂

        I will go back and look at that post because I must have missed that response. That was last post I put up before taking one of my patented blog hiatuses….

      • Oh, I know all about long blog hiatuses 🙂 No worries.

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