So it’s that time of year again. Clouds hang heavy and gray, winds blow dying leaves down the brick streets of my town, and a chill haunts the air as the night comes early.

This time of year makes me want to slip away, dim the lamps and light candles. I want a chair in a corner around which shadows dance upon the walls.  I’ll take a good book there, a glass of red wine. Later, I’ll fall asleep next to my wife on flannel sheets, and lament having to leave the warmth of the covers the next morning

I have a friend who loves this time of year as well.  She’s a lover of all things Halloween and she tries to keep the atmosphere of the season with her wherever she goes, no matter what month is currently up on the calendar

Her name is Carey Burns and she is a writer.  She is also heavy into crafts.

October is a big month for her, so obviously she would want to do something to celebrate.

She’s currently in the middle of what she’s calling her “Creep-a-Day Challenge” and , according to Carey, her “self-assigned task is to make a different Halloween/spooky/creepy craft each day of the month in October and share with you a photo of the completed craft and how I made it. .  You’ll get 31 craft ideas with instructions and I’ll get 31 crafty crafts to keep or share.”

Granted I’m not that big into crafty things, but I’ve been really enjoying watching what she’s making.

This is Day One, and so far I think it’s my favorite (Click any part of this sentence to get the How To): 

candleImagine having this burning on those rainy fall nights while the wind howls outside. Remember those shadows I mentioned above?  The ones dancing on the walls around that comfortable chair?  Oh yeah…

Day Three, I think, has been my second favorite, although the fact that she admitting to collecting what she does sort of freaked me out a little… Click here to find out what she collects or to get the how to.

Creepy family


As this of this posting there are 4 other crafty little things definitely worth checking out. So you should…really.  Like now… Go check it out.

You can find Carey’s blog and the Creep-a-Day Challenge by clicking this sentence.

Take care.