The Summertime 3 R’s–Running, Resting, and ‘Riting…


May 30, 2014 by Ray Yanek

Hey, if they can do it with ‘rithmatic’ I can do it to!

But before we go on, this is a “Writing the Rails for 13.1 Miles” post. You can learn more about what I’m doing with these posts here.


I really had nothing major to do yesterday.

The students were gone.  All my grades were done.  I got a few good workouts in this week, so I was using yesterday  as a rest day.  I had no baseball or softball games to coach.  I had nothing except plans to catch up on so many things that fell to the wayside.

But then I hit a wall.  I’m talking not looking-dead sprint- side-of- the- head-meet brick-  resulting in a concussion the medical books will reference for decades to come smack into that wall.

And I honestly couldn’t understand why.  Then it occurred to me as I sat out on the patio drinking a cold beer with the night breeze that I learned my first lesson regarding the training and the writing.

That lesson is that rest is essential.  Critical even.

It’s not an Earth shattering revelation perhaps, but think about how hard we tend to go in our daily lives, how many things we all try to pack into our routines, how many plates we try to spin and how much good rest we actually get.  Think about it honestly and the truth might be rather suprising.

And the other truth, one that I’m also learning, is that If you don’t find time for my body to unwind, my body will find its own time and that’s what’s happened to me yesterday.  I think I’ve been running on adrenaline and caffeine for the last couple of weeks as I’ve run all over hell and worked myself into the ground.  Today then, with really nothing to do and no adrenaline to run on, my body told me to piss off and just shut down.

Along with having no energy or motivation, I started feeling actual physical symptoms, too.  I had a  headache, my eyes were wonky, and obviously my mood was shit.  If that could happen from just a couple of weeks of high stress, imagine the long term damage you could do to yourself when you live your entire life like that.

The other thing I noticed on the patio is that I didn’t feel that constipation of the mind that I’ve felt for quite awhile too.   My thoughts are coming a little easier, my mind was floating gently back to my writing projects, and that excitement was building inside of me.

That felt really, really good.

Rest, man.  I’m telling you.  It’s essential to rest and let your body and mind unwind.  Not just once every couple of weeks, but every day.



2 thoughts on “The Summertime 3 R’s–Running, Resting, and ‘Riting…

  1. jenbr323 says:

    Thanks for touching on this Ray. I’ve been trying to get Bryan to take a break and now he is having physical manifestations of over-taxing his body. I’m going to send this post to him right now. Keep up the great work!

  2. Pamela Liegl says:

    Spinning plates is a superb analogy!!! I feel the same, as I crazy glued my plates to their sticks about three weeks ago and now they are just stuck there stareing at me. Sometime this week I will knock them off their pedestals and start my summer, garden, flowers, etc.


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