The Beautiful Nude — Past and Present


May 23, 2014 by Ray Yanek


During the month of April, I did this thing called the A to Z Blog Challenge where I wrote one post for each letter of the alphabet.  I focused all my posts around art so that I could learn a little more about the field.

I loved it and miss that time I spent perusing art books and web sites, so when I saw the link to this article, I jumped on it.

The link contains three classical paintings of nude women by Ingres, Titian and Raphael. What’s interesting though, is that if you move the cursor over the paintings you are presented with an ‘updated’ version of the work.  In these new versions, the female figures have been modified to fit with modern conceptions of beauty.

It’s fascinating.

You can view the link by clicking on any part of this sentence.

Take care.


3 thoughts on “The Beautiful Nude — Past and Present

  1. ardurdan says:

    The conceptions of beauty in modern society are warped and unhealthy in my opinion. Some of today’s beauty standards, like thigh gaps for one example, are impossible to achieve. I don’t like it how many of those pictures of models that you see in magazines and the like are heavily edited. It is sending the wrong message to people especially to teenaged girls. It is sad to hear but in our American society, sex sells. American society is obsessed with beauty and it is not just the media and magazines that are to be blamed for this warped idea of beauty. I would rather see pictures of women with a little more meat on their bones than pictures of women that look more like walking sticks with flesh and bones. Being as skinny as a walking stick is not healthy at all and for some people, it is impossible to meet this ideal and genetics partially have something to do with that. Today’s conceptions of beauty, which is based in lies, make a lot of women and girls feel inadequate and it forces them to spend their lives struggling to meet society’s impossible standards of beauty. It makes not just women but also men and every other gender in between to hate themselves because they fail to meet those unhealthy standards. The original paintings in that link you posted Mr. Yanek look a lot better than their updated counterparts. The women in the original paintings look much more healthy and in my opinion, more beautiful. Thank you for sharing this Mr. Yanek and my apologies if my comment is at all off point!

    • Ray Yanek says:

      I agree totally with your opinions here, Amanda and I think they’re spot on. I think these impossible standards are also set for men in a lot of cases too. Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion and thoughts!

  2. Jen Mc says:

    Looking forward to more posts:)

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