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April 30, 2014 by Ray Yanek



Zorn, Anders (February 18, 1860 -August 22, 1920)

Self-Portrait with Faun and Nymph

Self-Portrait with Faun and Nymph

Well, I made it!  Twenty-six days (not counting Sundays), twenty-six letters, and twenty six blog posts about art.

I’m happy.  And if you don’t mind my saying, a little proud of myself.

I’ve learned some fascinating things about the art world; I’ve viewed some exquisite pieces; I’ve started using the word “exquisite” to talk about “pieces”, and I’ve met some really interesting and friendly people through this blog challenge.

But I suppose I shouldn’t get ahead of myself, because I’m technically not finished until I complete this post–the topic of which, however, was suggested to me by one of those interesting people that I met here.

I only know that person by the handle ‘Author’ and she blogs over at Creative Fog , although unfortunately she hasn’t been posting much lately.

Anyway, she recommended Zorn and it was a fine recommendation.  Zorn, a Swedish artist, gained international renown for his portrait painting.  So well known and respected were his talents, he was commissioned to paint three different US Presidents-Grover Cleveland, William Taft, and Theodore Roosevelt.

Zorn also became known for his work with female nudes I think he was fine landscape painter as well.  He had a way with color and an incredible way of painting the light on the water that makes some of his paintings look almost photographic as you’ll see in some of the examples below.


A Female Nude

A Female Nude

Note the reflection of the light off the water in this one and how it gets even more realistic in the foreground…


In the Twilight

One of my personal favorites below.  The style becomes almost impressionistic… (damn, still throwing around those art terms!)


Another one of my favorites, even though no one is naked… Zorn uses the same technique with the light on the water as he did in In the Twilight, but look also at the cityscape in the background and the contrast between the haze and the vividness.  Amazing.

In the Harbour of Algiers

In the Harbour of Algiers

Thank you for the suggestion, Author! Love it…

Take care.


7 thoughts on “Z is for…

  1. Author says:

    So glad you did post on Anders Zorn! Just saw an exhibit of his work at the de Young in San Francisco, and I was blown away, especially what he could do with water colors. I’d never heard of this guy, even though he was very popular in his day. An amazing talent. (btw I’m “Author” from Creative Fog, but this month I’ve been posting on Victoria Hodge Regencies blog – in between re-writes and prepping for publication 😀 ) — DMac w/a Victoria Hodge

  2. Kathe W. says:

    “Author” did us al a favor by suggesting Zorn as I was not familiar with his work and was blown away by the images you posted. Your A-Z theme was much appreciated by me-thanks! and congratulations on your A-Z completion!

  3. P Liegl says:

    Great job, Ray, and a really impressive way to end your “26 days of art”.
    Thanks for all the great info and spectacular, lovely, thought provoking, and some that downright churned my insides a bit.

  4. Author says:

    BTW, Ray, you did an amazing job on the A to Z challenge! Every day I really looked forward to reading your latest post on art, and every day I learned something new. 🙂
    DMac (aka “Author”, according to WordPress) http://victoriahodge.wordpress.com/

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