Q is for . . .


April 20, 2014 by Ray Yanek


The Quingbian Mountain— Dong Qichang (1617)


Ugh… It’s late, it’s the night before Easter, it’s been a long day, and  there are 10 minutes until the end of the day. Plus, today’s letter is ‘Q’.  So I thought just a pic would suffice and luckily I found Dong Qichang’s “The Quingbian Mountains.”

I also ran across a quote by Dong Qichang that I think would serve writers well– “Read ten thousand books and walk ten thousand miles.”

Once more: ” Read ten thousand books and walk ten thousand miles.”

Happy Easter and may your books and miles serve you well.



5 thoughts on “Q is for . . .

  1. Carolyn says:

    This is great and I will be looking this up now. ;D

  2. Kathe W. says:

    I wonder how many miles I have walked so far?

  3. P Liegl says:

    When I am to tired, to sore, to lazy… to get out and walk, my books take me on some short and some long treks. Love the quote!!

    Keep up the good work! It is almost the end of April.

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