I’m proud to announce that the anthology 100 Doors to Madness is out and available.  I’m even more proud to announce that 100 Doors to Madness is home to my flash fiction story “Boot Steps”!  The anthology is a beast; it clocks in at 489 pages and includes over 100 short form horror stories.


You can purchase the book in either paperback or Kindle format:

Amazon Kindle and Paperback

Amazon UK

I’ve only had a chance to read some of the other stories, but the one’s I have read have been damn good.

Annnnnnd, I am also proud to announce that another story of mine called “To The Victor, History” has been published this month as well.  The story appears in 100 Worlds, an anthology put together by Dreamscape Press.


This anthology focuses on speculative fiction in ‘drabble’ format.  A ‘drabble’ is a story that must be told in exactly 100 words.  No more.  No less.

It was a challenge.

You can pick up a paper back copy of 100 Worlds here:

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A Kindle edition should be available from Amazon in a day or two.

It’s been a good month. Now to keep it going…