So I told you about how big of a hypocrite I am.

I explained how I expect my sixth grade daughter to work her ass off in order to foster the gifts she’s been given. I told you how I harp tabout the necessity of dedication and perseverance in attaining goals. After my sermon, filled with the fire of righteousness, I descend from my pulpit. I scratch the particular places that need scratching and then go into the living room, blessing both the dog and the cat as I pass.  In the living room, instead of following my own advice and working on the current novel in progress, or this blog, or the handful of short stories spread around the computer, I sit on the couch, eat the Doritos I dropped between the cushions last time I preached to my kids, and turn on Dance Moms…errr, I mean UFC. You know, the show where, uh, guys punch each other…

Anyway, I’ve concluded that I need to be a better role model and I need to start spending more time doing the things I love—even if they are hard.

So, among other things, I’m bringing this blog back to life.

But I’m going to do it slowly. I’ve made some physical changes to the site (which I like) and there are still a few more I would like to make. I’m working on stockpiling a few posts for when real life gets in the way and I have a hard time squeezing a new blog into the schedule. While I’m doing all this, I thought it might be interesting to revisit some of the post I wrote before.

Yeah, I know that you could find these in the archive sections, but what the hell. I’ll put some links to those old posts below and save you some clicks.

Food Posts:Commence to eatin'

There’s only one, but I plan to do more of these, because I get to eat the finished product.

Some Shrimp, A Pot, and a Damn Good Time

Reading Posts:

A lot of these revolve around the reading habits of my kids, but as the blog progresses I’m hoping to include book reviews and discussions about the things I’m reading.  The final post of this section was written last summer concering events that made my small town feel like the inside of a crime novel.Spell Limits Crop

Education Posts:

I teach at a high school and a community college and I would like to say that I’ll never write about education on this blog, simply because I need time away from all that, but I’m sure eventually something will set me off.

So that’s a rather good sampling, I think, and I hope you found something there you’ll like–maybe even something you’ll leave me a comment about, or something you’ll tell your friends about…